Bulk Screen Printing : Bulk & Corporate Orders

bulk screen printing1 Bulk Screen Printing, Bulk T shirts,Typically, bulk T-shirt orders come into play if you are in need of Custom T-shirts for your event, clothing line, fundraiser, or business. Ordering in bulk will place you into our Wholesale Price Tier. This is for established professionals in any industry who would like us the professionals Bulk Screen Printing company to do the work. We  feature automatic screen printing presses that allow us to print hundreds of garments per hour, resulting in an affordable per-piece cost. We are also happy to offer complimentary design services for your events or fundraisers at no additional cost for those that qualify. To see if you are eligible for Wholesale Prices, please email or call Customer Service today.
What qualifies you for Bulk Screen Printing Pricing?
You may be curious as to what quantity qualifies for bulk screen printing? Most Screen Printers require a minimum of 500 to qualify for bulk screen printing prices.

How does the Printer & Client benefit when ordering in bulk amounts?

bulk screen printing t shirts Bulk Screen Printing, Bulk T shirts,
A tremendous amount of work goes into the pre-production process for your custom T-shirt project. For every project, the printer has to set up and break down the screens and other materials needed for the job. The time spent on this process takes away from the time allocated production time needed on the press. For example: 30 different print projects at a quantity of 48 each equals a total quantity of 1440. This may seem like a good day’s work of printing, but each of the 30 different designs/orders calls for the presses to be down during the set up and break down which totals 10 minutes each. This equals a total of 5+ hours depending on how many colors in each design.

So you can see, if a printer can print that same number of shirts (1440) with no design changes and lost time in set up and tear down (5 hours), just print continuously the same job, we have the freedom to give you the sweet low prices per shirt. How do you benefit? Paying a low price per garment enables you to sell them at a reasonable cost while maintaining your desired profit margin.

tagless threads quote department Bulk Screen Printing, Bulk T shirts,Receive a Custom T-shirt quote from an actual person. We feel our customers shouldn’t have to deal with a frustrating machine, so let us help you. A Tagless Threads team member will review your request and have a detailed quote to you within 24 business hours.  



Why should I look to Bulk T-shirt Orders Over Other Advertising Avenues?

bulk t shirts Bulk Screen Printing, Bulk T shirts,Every Business or Organization looks for a way to stand above the crowd when it comes to advertising. Think about it this way : who can’t use T-shirts?

T-shirt Advertising will do the trick whether it be your logo, design, website, phone number, or slogan. If done correctly, your Custom T-Shirts will continuously be seen by others for the life of the T-Shirt. Anyone who wears them will be your personal walking billboard. Imagine the impact you would make with 1200 people wearing your T-shirt at an event. Think about how many times you’ve looked at someones T-shirt at any given place. If something interests you, you will read more.

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How are Custom T-shirts better than TV advertisements?

One word: Cost. The average cost for a television commercial runs between $100,000-$400,000 for production alone. Add your campaign/commercial spot, and you could be looking at $5,000 to in the millions depending on the corresponding sponsored show. That’s a lot of money for something that most people usually fast-forward through. Even potential customers without Tivo or U-verse will use the commercial break to do something productive and return when the show is back on. T-shirts, however, can make an impression to your potential clients for a much longer time period. T-shirts last. People hang onto T-shirts for years or even a lifetime. So if 1200 of your T-shirts are seen at an event, and those 1200 people wear their T-shirts again elsewhere by new eyes, imagine spreading that out for years. It will make an impact.


What kind of T-shirt designs or ideas catch the eye?

We recommend that you come up with a design idea that is unique. If your company or organization is unique, then your T-shirts should say it. Keep it simple though, you don’t want them to look too busy. Make sure and use fonts that are bold and legible. Otherwise, your efforts are going to be useless. Sure, cursive is pretty and may say a lot about your organization, but be sure to choose one that people can read with ease. Also, consider questions. This will engage your potential prospect and get them to use their brain. When they use their brain, they will notice who is posing the question and why. There you are, you have someone intrigued. A contrast in color is also smart advertising. If the T-shirts are not needed for branding purposes, consider researching the current color trends according to the season. If your T-shirts are needed for publicity at an event, staying away from dark colored garments is key. Dark colored T-shirts tend to make people sweat, so if your event is in the sun you’ll find that men will take off their shirts. No one will see your design or logo that way. White or lighter colored garments will keep people cooler. White shirts are also more cost effective which can also aid in the efficiency of maintaining your profit margin.

Think about it: everyone needs Custom T-Shirts. From Cupcake Bakeries to Promotional Fight Gear, we have you covered from beginning to end. Go ahead, share your idea with us and we will help you bring it to life. In doing business with us, you are also automatically eligible to be featured and promoted on our website.