Frequently Asked Questions

1. What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa, American Express, and Master Card. Cashier’s Checks and Money Orders receive a 2% additional discount. Purchase Orders may be accepted for Schools.


2. Do I need a resale number or a wholesale number to purchase Tagless Threads services?

No, you do not need a resale or wholesale number to purchase our products. If you are in California and have a California Resale Certificate, we will exempt tax for your resale purposes. We will need a copy of your California Resale Certificate for our files. On that note, we highly suggest to get a resale certificate. It makes no sense to pay state sales tax until you sell your merchandise.


3. What is your Production Time?

The Production Time for a standard order is 10-15 business days per design plus shipping time. This is an estimated amount of time and is not guaranteed. The Production time may increase if the order consists of multiple or complex designs, simulated process, or tag removal. Production time may also be delayed if the garments from a particular manufacturer are on back-order or changes are made to an order. If your project requires a specific deadline, we recommend that you choose the Priority Order option. The Priority Order rates range in percentage of an order according to the desired date. We will do everything in their part to ship by a certain date if a Priority Order is paid for, but cannot guarantee and will not be held liable for delivery due to circumstances out of Tagless Thread’s control (i.e. weather delays, shipping errors, errors by the supplier, etc.). We highly recommend that you receive garments before scheduling any event such as a store launch, photo shoot,holiday,vacation, or marketing event.

4. I need my order right away. Please help!

If time permits, we may be able to accommodate your Priority Order. Priority Order fees may apply and are based off of a percentage of your order depending on your requested deadline date. If you are local and are able to pick up your garments in our facility, we may be able to make an exception if time permits. Please keep shipping time in mind when notifying us of your deadline date. Please contact us as soon as possible for any Priority Order inquiries or concerns by emailing

5. Can you make me a custom design?

You’ve probably noticed this from our portfolio, we do offer design service but only if the order consists of thousands of shirts. We do not offer this to anyone.

6. What information should I include on my Custom Tagless Care Tag?

Care labels for textile wearing apparel must provide either washing or dry cleaning instructions. Only one safe method of care is required to be provided by the manufacturer. The label must also warn you against any procedure that might harm the item during reasonable care. For example, the label must say whether any step of the care method — washing, bleaching, drying, ironing or dry cleaning — could harm the garment or other garments cleaned with it. We recommend that all Customers refer to the Federal Trade Commission Manual to receive information about what should be included on your tag. Each garment tag will be different due to the various cotton blends, ink methods, etc.
We highly recommend you include your Registered Identification Number or RN Number
A registered identification number — or RN — is a number issued by the FTC, upon request, to a business residing in the U.S. and engaged in the manufacture, importing, distribution, or sale of textile, wool, or fur products.
It will be your responsibility to comply with your respective rules and regulations. There are many factors that will play into what details are placed on your tag. Completing research on this is very important for re-sellers. Tagless Threads will not be liable for Care Tag information. For your convenience, we have created a guide to help you with your Care Tag Symbols. Learn more.


7. Can I order blanks with Custom Tagless Care Tags only?

At a minimum quantity of 500 we will consider it.

8. Do you offer specialty inks such as shimmer or glitter?

We offer metallic, shimmer, and glitter ink in a variety of colors or we can custom mix a color of your choice. Please indicate your requests before your quote request.

9. How long has Tagless Threads been in business?

Tagless Threads was founded in 2005, but our Production Team has over 20 years experience in the industry.


10. What is the maximum print size?

All maximum printing sizes are as follows:

Standard Screen Printing: Adult/Unisex: 15″ width x 17″ height//Ladies & Youth: 11″ width x 12″ height//Toddler & Infant: 7″ width x 9″ height.

If multiple sizes and genders of garments are ordered, Tagless Threads will choose the best common size for all garments unless otherwise specified. These sizes are standard and may not apply to all garments due to the nature of various garment sizes provided depending on the supplier/brand.

11. Can I get a sample of your past work?

You may request a Sample Pack which includes a variety of printed T-Shirts from past projects. All we ask is that you cover the postage.


12. Can I supply my own products or do I have to order them through you?

If you would like, you may supply your own garments. We ask that you supply at least one extra garment per style/size/color in the event of a misprint. If there are no misprints, you will receive the extra prints at no charge. For complete details, please see our Terms of Service. Remember: Our minimum is 72 per design, garment, and color. We will not accept anything else, don’t ask icon wink FAQs


13. What type of  printing do you offer?

We specialize in Screen Printing Screen Printing We are exceptionally skilled in water-based and discharge inks which allows us to provide you with the best quality garments. We do not up-charge on premium inks because we do not feel you should pay more to have the best quality. We use automatic and manual presses from M&R Printing. We offer Standard Screen Printing (7 colors maximum). Our Print Team is highly skilled in Simulated Process and working with half-tone images. We are proud of our strong attention to detail and the ability to create quality custom printed garments. To learn more about the Screen Print Method please click here.


14. What are the Artwork Requirements?

Providing us with Print Ready Artwork is the key to a smooth order process. We will not accept anything but vector formatted artwork, some Screen Printers will accept a raster file but we care about our quality and won’t settle for less. If you have no idea what vector is, we recommend hiring a graphic artist to complete this for you.

Artwork must be sent in True Vector Format to be deemed Print Ready. We only accept vector (.eps) Files that are in True Vector Format.

15. What quantity per size should I order?

That’s completely up to you but our minimum per size is 12.

16. What brand T-shirt do you recommend?

Choosing a brand/garment style relies on three main factors: 1. Who? Who is your audience/demographic. This plays a significant role in the style,cut,and material of your garments. 2. Budget? Our question to you would be : do you have a budget? Retrospectively, you would want to ask yourself how important quality is. 3. What? We would also want to know what the use for the garments is. If you are looking for something for promotional purposes only or for single use T-shirts for events such as organizational walks, we would recommend Gildan. If you are looking for something of quality, but that is more cost effective, we would recommend Next Level Apparel. If American made is what you require, American Apparel would be your go-to brand.


17. How secure is the Tagless Threads website?

We use for all secure transactions. Our web page is also secured with Site Lock Secure. We do not sell or share Client names or information. As as additional security measure, Customers will complete payment on an order on our online secure payment form through Freshbooks.


18. What is the best way to find out my Order Status?

You can find the “Date Ship By” date at the top right corner of your invoice. You will get a notice from UPS with a tracking number when your order has been shipped.


19. I attempted to contact Tagless Threads and got no response. Why is this?

We strive to answer every phone call as quickly as possible but the lines can be busy at times. Quote Requests and Email Inquiries are typically answered within 24 business hours if not the same day of receipt. Our phones are internet based and therefore if we are experiencing technical internet issues we may not be reachable. In the event of this, please leave us a message and we will return your call at our earliest convenience. Please leave your name, contact number, and the reason for your call so we may more efficiently assist you.


20. Can I get a different size image for each of my required T-shirt sizes?

Absolutely not.

21. Do you provide blank shirts? Can I get a sample?

We don’t provide blank T-shirts or blank samples. Majority of the companies we work with contact the manufacturer and order blank samples before placing their custom order with us.


22. Do you drop-ship or have the ability to print, package and mail one shirt at a time?

Absolutely not, we put all our attention and resources towards our print quality.


23. Why do you not recommend foil?

Foil is not a print; it is an embellishment added to a printed layer of adhesive ink. We stand by our quality inks because they are cured with care. Foil is not consistent and will crack/peel over time. We believe in creating T-shirts that will last a lifetime.