T-shirts are here to stay! Shirt Advertising

T-shirts : The top advertising tool

Advertising can be effective and creative if done in the right way. T-shirts are a multi-faceted marketing tool, and an incredibly effective way to get your company’s name in the desired marketplace. T-shirts are lucrative for businesses who want to create a united and professional front, sell their products, spread the word, and expose their promotional activities. T-shirts are more creative and eye-catching than a flier, more permanent than a phone call, and can be worn often to promote anything & everything. Plus, they will never go out of style!


We would like to assist any individual, organization, or business interested in using T-shirts for personal or business professional purposes, by expanding the current knowledge of the Custom Printed T-shirt process. It is easier than you think to get started! First, design a personalized logo or artwork. If you need ideas you can refer to the internet, or our expert Graphic Art Department, who can turn your vision into a reality. If you want a cost effective & interactive experience be sure to use our Online Designer where you will find our selection of pre-made designs clip art to create your own design. It is smart to create a logo that is simple and to the point, while still maintaining the company’s product and mission statement in the forefront. After designing a logo that best represents your company, it is time to pick a Screen Printing Company, and this is where Tagless Threads Screen Printing comes in!


It is always smart to research a company before beginning business with them. We at Tagless Threads are very proud of our exceptional reputation and abilities as a smaller Screen Printing company. Unlike working with¬† a corporate based company which can be impersonal, we take the time and effort to create a professional and fashion forward product that can serve as marketing to the general public as well as a comfortable t-shirt you will wear for years to come. We believe that t-shirts are a strong medium for advertising that essentially pays for itself after a few wears. By wearing your company’s logo, you are a walking advertisement and much more inclined to get questions about your company than if you were to pass out fliers or mail post cards.


T-shirts are a powerful advertising tool because they have the ability as garments to be fashion savy, while at the same time promoting your incredibly successful business. Let us help you get your name out there, through the proactive and creative process of Custom Printed T-shirts!

About Tagless Threads

Established in 2005, Tagless threads has grown to become an unrivaled provider of t shirts with a reputation for offering outstanding quality products utilizing the latest manufacturing and printing techniques in addition to providing the Custom Tagless Care Tags which have become extremely popular. Their online presence offers the ability to access a wealth of information including superb videos highlighting the screen printing techniques used.