Every month we choose a Client to feature in our Spotlight Series. These are organizations or businesses that are chosen to be showcased because of the passion & excellence in which they exude.

sixell spotlight icon Client Spotlight Series


Under the beautiful San Diego sunset is where you will find Team SIXELL. SIXELL is not just a clothing line, but rather a lifestyle brand. They use apparel to spread their message of the fundamental actions we can take to change the world. Their motto is nothing short of inspiring: “Live a Life of Love and Love the Life you Live”. READ MORE

coastal playground spotlight icon2 Client Spotlight Series

April: Coastal Playground

This month’s Client Spotlight features Coastal Playground. On the outside you will see uniquely artistic T-shirts, but if you take a closer look inside the organization you will see passion and depth. Coastal Playground thrives on their 50/5o concept: 50% Art and 50% Clean Beaches. For every T-shirt they sell, 50% of the proceeds goes towards beach clean-up. This is not your average clothing line; this is our future. READ MORE

little cakes spotlight icon1 Client Spotlight Series

May: Little Cakes Kitchen

This month’s Client Spotlight features Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen of Vista, CA. “Classic American Baking with a Modern Twist,”Little Cakes Cupcake Kitchen is the prefect balance of fresh ingredients, out-of-the-box flavors, and a friendly environment.With flavors like Drunken Orange, Pancakes & Bacon, and my personal favorite READ MORE

l town spotlight icon Client Spotlight Series June/July: L Town Surf & Earth Co.

The coastal community of Lewes, Delaware is the inspiration of our June/July Client Spotlight on L Town Surf and Earth Company. We think this company is so awesome that we chose to spotlight them for the months of June AND July! L Town was spearheaded by Corey Schab, who is one of the most laid back and gracious clients I have ever met. His thought process is based around the idea of respecting our environment and the people in it. MORE

rcadc spotlight icon Client Spotlight Series

August: Roman Catholic All Day Clothing

Each time we choose a Client to spotlight, it is their selflessness and drive to give back that make them stand out above the crowd. Ricardo Haro and Michael Rolan of Roman Catholic All Day Clothing are no exception. It is important to showcase our Clients that spend their time seeking to do more than just make money off of T-shirts. Because after all, T-shirts can do so much more than that.